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2022 Annual Review

台北國際插畫博覽會 illustration Taipei 主視覺 禮物 THE GIFT

The Gift ─ Conveying the embodiment of ideals.

In 2022, the inaugural Illustration Taipei event kicked off to much fanfare with the theme of “The Gift”.

Choosing a gift does not only convey a message of affection, but also a yearning with substance. We encapsulate our thoughts into the objects to create unique gifts for you.

Show Scale

  • Exhibitors: 181

  • Total Visits: 60,535 (Four days)

  • Number of Professional Buyers: 240

  • Show Space: 1,055 m²

  • Oversea Exhibitors' Countries & Region: Taiwan, South Korea, USA, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong and Kingdom of Eswatini.