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Multi-Function Platform for Illustration Applications

The show invited local and foreign industries with the potential for graphics licensing to take part as well. By connecting creators/brands, suppliers, channels, and agents, the show becomes an illustration industry platform for multi-modal networking on business models such as graphics commercialization, graphics content generation, and graphics IP licensing.

Best Channel for Connecting with Branded Channels

The first Illustration Taipei show held in 2022 was attended by more than 200 professional buyers. The show not only offered brand marketing and merchandising targeted at ordinary consumers, but opportunities for professional buyers and local selected shops to discuss business collaboration and licensing matters.

High Precision Targeted Exposure of Traffic

Meet all the different targets including “exposure,” “recruitment,” “profit,” “matchmaking” and “exchange” in one go!  Illustration Taipei attracts consumers and buyers with a keen interest in illustrations. The founding show attracted 60,000 visitors! The second show is moving to larger premises at Taipei Expo Park with a goal of generating more than 100,000 in highly targeted traffic!

Please see the Brochure for more information. For applying, please register an account and submit the application below. For any application related questions, please contact us at: 886-2-2346-0508

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