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Theme of the Year

Our Melody

Everyone has (had) a special song or melody! Music is like painting in that it can come in all different styles, each with their own adherents!

2024 Illustration Taipei invites creators to take the rhythm of their heart and use their pens to inspire us all.

Highlights of the Exhibition Visit

Gathering the most beloved illus-trators and surrounding manu-facturers together, we step out of the virtual world of the internet, create face-to-face opportunities in the exhibition venue, allow creators to communicate with each other, and satisfy consumers’ star-chasing desires. Manufacturers can also seek for cooperation partners.

Invite creatives from many countries to join and support Taiwanese talents to go international! Invite creators from many countries to participate, bring diverse creative styles, and expand the vision of aesthetic business opportunities for our compatriots, and through the resources injection of international partners, support creators to participate in overseas exhibitions with actions.

Encourage the creators to design the booth attentively, so that consumers can feel the brand value when they approach the booth, and create professional forums, creation sharing sessions, and uninterrupted stage activities to fully expand your imagination of illustrations.


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rigin of the Exhibition

“Illustration Taipei” is the largest professional exhibition in Taiwan’s illustration-themed events. In recent years, more and more creators have devoted themselves to illustration and image creation, which not only provides new visual enjoyment for the public, but also makes the development of the illustration industry more diverse and prosperous, creating more possibilities for cross-domain cooperation. “Illustration Taipei” hopes to build a good industrial cycle, let the market see good works, and let creators have good communication and good interaction with consumers. In the future, we hope to support Taiwanese creators to go international and show Taiwan’s proud soft power by cooperating with multinational exhibition brands.

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About Us

開翔 Golden Seal

“Golden Seal Int’l Trade Fair Service Agency Corp.” has many years of experience in managing international design exhibitions, from design exhibitions and illustration exhibitions in Korea to STYLEBANGKOK in Thailand and NY NOW in the United States. Committed to assisting Taiwan’s outstanding creators to expand the international market, we provide valuable international business information and services surrounding the exhibition, and regard helping the industry to improve the efficiency of the exhibition as the mission of our Company. The first “Illustration Taipei” to be held in 2022 will gather overseas resources accumulated in the past, bring the latest international elements to the Taiwan market, and invite domestic and foreign illustration creators to come together to show their creations, tell their stories, and create the most international illustration style exhibition in Taiwan.