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Hello, my name is Gitty, and I am an illustrator from Korea. It contains scenes that we often see in our daily lives, stories of people, and the love we feel in them. I think love is a wonderful topic that is all around us and connects everyone regardless of language, age, or gender. I came to participate through the Taiwan Illustration Fair to see and learn the thoughts, feelings, and feelings of the people living here. Currently, I am working on digital art and watercolor painting at the same time in Korea. From this year on, I want to interact with artists from neighboring countries that are close to Korea. So, I am participating in exhibitions in many countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. I hope we can have a good relationship in Taiwan


An important element of my painting is “slowness.” I work 24 hours a day, nonstop, but how long can I spend looking at and thinking about myself? I wanted to reflect on my daily life and express such natural moments that we didn’t notice. I wanted to paint a painting that was quiet and peaceful enough to not give you any stimulating power, but stayed deeper as you thought about it. So I observed and worked on various behaviors that could result from very close relationships, where I was inspired to work on it. These were the foundations of the theme “rest” that I will draw from this year. Now I’m trying to find a big category where I can feel the diverse lives of different people, like words like “sleep” and “rest.” I’d appreciate it if you could join me and enjoy this process in the future.