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Happiness and sadness blend together like lemonade, crafting wonderful days.

Lemon, a spirited girl, and Sugar, her fluffy buddy, live harmoniously on an island abundant with lemons. Sugar has special feelings for Lemon, who loves the idea of love. However, Sugar’s feelings don’t seem to reach her. Their days are sweet yet a bit sour, shining brightly like lemonade.

A girl full of energy and curiosity. Her tomboyish personality always causes a stir, but she’s easily forgiven thanks to her charming smile. Her standout features are her lemon-like bobbed hair and large ribbon.

Meet Sugar, Lemon’s best friend and a fluffy white stuffed animal. Sometimes he gets squished or deflated due to Lemon’s carelessness, but he bounces back quickly. Although he’s a bit shy and clumsy, he’s always a reliable presence by Lemon’s side, supporting her through thick and thin.


As a creator who is always in pursuit of new creations, I have accumulated experience in various fields, including illustration, animation, and design.

The characters Lemon & Sugar, which I created in 2014, represent the culmination of my diverse creative ideas and reflect my passion for new challenges.

Through Lemon & Sugar, I have expanded my creative expression across a wide range of fields, such as animation, manga, picture books, fashion, merchandise, food, education, and social contribution. I aim to positively impact society through these various forms of expression.

My journey with Lemon & Sugar is filled with new discoveries, joy, and challenges. Moving forward, I hope to continue inspiring more people through their stories.