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Personal Information Collection Notice and Personal Information Provision Agreement

In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and our organization’s Personal Data Management Regulations, the “Illustration Taipei International Illustration Expo” working group hereby informs you of the following matters before collecting your personal information. By selecting “Agree,” you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted all the contents of this consent form:

Exhibitors must provide accurate personal information and must not use or steal the data of any third party. The representative of the registrant should obtain the consent of the members of the company to provide their personal information to the organizers. If there is any false or incorrect information, the organizers may cancel the registration. If any harm is caused to the organizers or any third party’s related rights and interests, the registrant and their company will bear the relevant legal responsibilities.

The contact person of the exhibiting unit agrees to retain relevant personal information, such as the unit name, name, contact information (phone number, E-MAIL), social media accounts, or any other data that can directly or indirectly identify individuals. This data will be used by the organizers and executing units for the management of the exhibition (e.g., system operations, notifications, event announcements, surveys, and related statistical analysis).

※ If you need to update your personal information, request data deletion, or cease further use in the future, you are welcome to contact the organizer during office hours from 09:00 to 18:00 through the following personnel: [Phone: 886-2-2346-0508 Ext:25; E-mail:].