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品牌簡介 is an illustration brand based in Thailand, born out of my deep love and passion for animals and living creatures, combined with my lifelong enthusiasm for drawing. I’ve crafted a series of illustrations inspired by various animals worldwide, each presented in distinct conceptual styles. Among my creations is a set of character designs named ‘Salarydog,’ featuring a group of dog characters engaged in the corporate world, drawing inspiration from my everyday life.
My goal is to produce art that resonates with our ordinary lives, offering a friendly and accessible experience for everyone—regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Through my characters, I aim for people to see a small part of themselves and forge a connection. Ultimately, I aspire to bring cuteness and warmth to our world.


My illustrations mostly focus on character designs inspired by various kinds of animals. I enjoy creating artwork with different conceptual styles drawn from my life journey with a bright color style. I aim to produce pieces that are easily understandable for everyone, allowing them to see some part of themselves in my art. I’ve designed a variety of products based on my illustrations, including stickers, postcards, art prints, keyrings, pins, and pouch making them collectible items.