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Trivialities is an artist illustrator whose works is a blend of the fantastical and the familiar. Inspired by life experiences and small observations, she illustrates imaginary characters and places, combining them with everyday life narratives. In her world, a teacup tiger, an enterprising axolotl called Toto and space florists co-exists with floating breakfast buffets en route to work.
At the core of Trivialities’s work is a deep concern with the loss of curiosity and wonder that often comes with age. Her paintings celebrate the childlike imagination that exists within all of us, and she aims to inspire her audience to rediscover that sense of wonder and creativity when facing something unfamiliar.

Trivialities 是一位融合奇幻與熟悉元素的插畫藝術家。
Trivialities 作品的核心是對隨著年齡增長而失去好奇心的深切關注。她的畫作頌揚大家內心的童趣想像力,以激勵觀眾在面對陌生事物時重新發現那種驚奇感和創造力。


Trivialities primarily works with watercolor and digital mediums. Her artwork is showcased in various forms, including prints, original paintings, stickers and sticker sheets, and also in 3D as art toys (3d printed and resin) and enamel pins and other stationeries. She also does custom paintings to help preserve a memory, help others paint their casual daydreams or to bring them to other worlds of imagination.

Trivialities主要以水彩畫和數位媒體進行創作。她的作品以多種形式展示,包括版畫、原畫、貼紙,以及 3D 藝術玩具(3D列印和樹脂)與其他文具。她也能訂製繪畫,以幫助保存某個記憶,幫助他人畫出自己隨意的白日夢,或將他們帶入其他想像的世界。