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Hello, I’m sillysally, an illustrator from South Korea. I operate the brand named “sillyday.” “sillyday” is a silly day, a day when you empty your mind a bit and find small happiness in life’s little moments. The brand, sillyday, creates daily products such as stickers, postcards, masking tapes, and cup coasters based on illustrations from “sillysally,” which conveys pure happiness. sillysally’s illustrations are inspired by the peacefulness and stability of everyday life, as well as the elements of nature and house. Our goal is to present these aspects in “sillyday,” hoping to bring warmth into your life.
Hope you can collect lots of happiness even in the smallest moments in our everyday life!

Have a nice sillyday!


[About Illustrator sillysally]

sillysally is an illustrator who received a bachelor’s degree in Illustration from Art Center College of Design in the United States.
One theme that penetrates her artwork is to convey pure happiness. A lot of her works take inspiration from both nature and house.
She experiments with different materials and cuts out papers with different textures, simple and organic shapes to express her visual language.
In order to interpret the pure mind felt in nature as art, her work reminds viewers of childhood innocence and delivers happiness through the artist’s unique color and bright energy.

sillysally currently working on art in Seoul, South Korea.