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Multimedia Technology, Animation and GameWalailak university


Multimedia Technology, Animation and Game program has been designed to produce graduates who can effectively apply technologies including multimedia applications (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality), 2D/3D animation, games, and other innovative approaches in many different scenarios. The graduates are able to creatively think, work and generate new digital media content and they should also have public mind, social responsibility and good work ethics. Application for Participation in the Exhibition – Work Illustration
The application for participation in the exhibition includes images of academic works from students, The exhibition features artworks originating from lectures within the classroom and pieces created by faculty members. It highlights artistic works derived from on-site observations of the cultural and heritage richness in the ancient city of Songkhla, Thailand. Additionally, the showcase includes contributions from both teachers and students involved in various other proj


“Drawings inspired by life and travel, infused with the beloved cat, combine to create tree main illustrations:
1..From exploring the ancient city.
2. Living life with the beloved cat, from the day of adoption, narrating the daily stories of the close bond.
3. Works by other students.