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MochiakAhwoo is an independent artist-owned brand from Singapore, dedicated to bringing joy to fans worldwide. Our characters Mochiak & AhWoo, the beloved white bunny and grey wolf duo, spreads happiness through their content and merchandises inspired from simple things in everyday life. MochiakAhwoo has also collaborated with various brand and partnerships, including Casetify, EZ-Link, Kindness Singapore, and many more.

As we continue to grow and create, MochiakAhwoo remains steadfast in its commitment to spread joy to the people around! Join us in making MochiakAhwoo a part of your journey towards a happier, inspired everyday!


My creative journey with Mochiak and Ahwoo, the dynamic duo, has been nothing short of magical! Inspired by the simple joys of everyday life, I set out to create a world that captures the essence of daily life, happiness, love and friendship.

Mochiak, the energetic and expressive bunny, and Ahwoo, the calm and chill wolf, were born from a desire to spread joy through art and storytelling. Their adventures revolve around finding delight in ordinary moments, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.