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Mochi mochi ducks / 麻吉鴨鴨


Melting, bouncing, and stretching, these softy ducks are like rice cakes. Somewhere in this world, they enjoy their mochi life every day. We are just looking for potential licensing partners for ‘Mochi Mochi Ducks.’
These characters, created by illustrator Moca, have gained popularity on social media, boasting 85,000 followers on Instagram and 68,000 on TikTok, both in Japan and internationally.
Moca has expanded the brand by developing stamps in Japanese, Taiwanese, and Thai on LINE, establishing POPUP stores, and collaborating with cafes in Japan. Since 2023, Moca herself has actively participated in various expos across Asia.


Mochi Mochi Ducks come from the imagination of moca, a Japanese artist who works as designer and character illustrator.
They melt, bounce, and stretch like rice cakes.
While living in a favorite place and being shaped freely, they enjoy their life somewhere today as well.
Mochi Mochi Ducks’s daily life are updated on SNS almost everyday!