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蘑菇山山 Mushroom Mountain


With inspiration from shapes and occasionally random thoughts, Shanlyn C. embarks on her whimsical journey in her illustrations, where quirky imagination takes place, and stories of her imaginary world, Mushroom Mountain 蘑菇山山 are being created. With a playful and light-hearted palette, she aims to spark joy, tickle imagination, and invite viewers to interpret their own stories through her illustrations.


Hello Friends! Welcome to 蘑菇山山 Mushroom Mountain, a little community of quirky people made of mushrooms, flowers, plants, and creatures. It is a place of dreams and simple slow-paced life. Our Village Chief 村長, Shanlyn, will like to invite new and old friends, to enjoy being the little kids in their big souls, and the random perks during their stay in 蘑菇山山 Mushroom Mountain.