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MeMiann Studio


“MeMiann Studio is where quirky imagination seeps into reality” – this is how I describe my brand to people. Oftentimes, my work springs from turning my personal interests, feelings and observations into different kind of characters, each with a pinch of humor and playfulness added in. I find it exciting to observe my surroundings with a child-like perspective in order to bring out something fun and imaginative to the world.
As part of MeMiann Studio’s goods, over 400 characters had been created. Whether they be ghosts, animals, aliens, monsters, human and non-human entities – from Galapagos animals to a long-necked character with an existential crisis – all of my characters have their own names, concepts and backstories so in a sense, they have a life of their own!


Through character design and digital illustration, I interpret the subjects that I’m interested in before turning them into a unique and quirky set of characters. With the use of bold lines, simplified shapes as well as an array of pastel colors, my characters are fun to look at and you’ll find something new every time you take a look at them.
To introduce my characters to the audience, I choose to apply them to small, everyday objects such as stickers, postcards, key rings and stationery because I believe that those objects can easily blend into people’s everyday life. By holding my character goods in your hands, you’re taking part of my imagination back with you 🙂