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麻糬朋友 mochibuddies


mochibuddies is a label from Singapore that transforms digital illustrations into usable daily items. As a lover of cute items, I came out with a set of our own original characters since 2018. Striving to spread joy and happiness to our customers through our five main mascots, known as momo (unicorn), floflo (bunny), panpan (panda), katkat (cat) and spottie (dog)!

《麻糬朋友》为新加坡自创品牌。小动物像圆滚滚的麻糬,看着疗愈让人好想好想捏一捏。很希望自己描绘的插画能给大家的生活里添加一些愉快和正能量。让独角兽(沫沫),兔子(乐乐),熊猫(潘潘),猫猫 (可可)和狗狗(斑斑)成为你最好的小伙伴!


I am an illustrator from Singapore and drawing has been my hobby since young. Drawing brings me joy in life and I wish to spread the happiness and positivity of my work through my 5 original characters.

Like a mochi, we are always pounded with difficulties that we face in our lives and sometimes forced to make harsh but important decisions which helps us to be moulded into a better person. Inspired by the Japanese rice cake, mochi, Mochi Buddies are created to remind each and everyone of us that no matter how much of a beating that we take, it always comes out sweet.