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Looka Cat 露咖貓


創作靈感來自對生活的觀察,顏文字的臉部表情是種暫時隱藏情感的樣貌,希望能用質感又帶點小時尚的風格,帶上想傳遞的微微可愛,設計出具有療癒BUFF的貓咪周邊商品,讓大家時不時都能來點貓咪!The inspiration for Looka Cat comes from simple, everyday observations. It expresses the struggle of navigating the world through a humorous lens. The emoticon face serves to hide its true emotions and to continue living carefree. Looka Cat seeks to be stylish yet cute, while maintaining the soothing quality of a cat, so we can all absorb some cat energy whenever we need to, BECAUSE ALL WE NEED IS CAT!



Neo Neo also has stars marked onto his body, a symbol of his chasing and collecting of shooting stars. The markings on his body remind him of things he has sought after, some big, some small, every meteor shower blesses him with a reward.