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HeyHey Brody


Brody, with his distinct, black, heart-shaped head, challenges societal norms. Everywhere he goes, he faces challenges in forming genuine connections and making friends, as people often reject him based on his unique and unconventional appearance. However, instead of giving up, he responds with kindness, providing an opportunity for both parties to better understand each other and embrace the beautiful differences of each individual. Alongside his other unique friends, they create a world that celebrates individuality, welcoming people to be themselves and affirming that it’s okay to be different.

In Brody’s words, “Be who you are; the right people will value you.”




As we grow and learn about the world we live in, the pressure to conform to societal norms can be disheartening. Many of us give up our authentic preferences, unique thoughts, passions, and talents due to the fear of judgment and rejection. The sensation of not quite fitting in has only intensified.

As the creator of HeyHey Brody, I hope my works provide some strength as a small reminder to everyone that it’s okay to be different, even when times are tough and no one seems to understand you. Believe in yourself and be your own best supporter.


身為HeyHey Brody的創作者,我期望我的作品能給大家一點小力量,告訴大家,即使在困難時刻,即使似乎沒有人真正理解你,都沒有關係。相信自己,成為自己最堅定的支持者。