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海豹看看 Sealook


We can be a little sealy. SEALOOK is a mockumentary-style sitcom about the daily lives of fun-loving seals. Co-produced by Million Volt Animation Studios and The Pinkfong Company, SEALOOK’s non-verbal format makes it easy for audiences from all around the world to enjoy the story through each character’s facial expressions and gestures. It features 30 different seals, including Baby Seal, Spotted Seal, and Shiba Seal, each with unique characteristics and stories!

有時候我們也會像海豹一樣變得有點愚笨。《海豹看看》是一部以模擬紀錄片風格為主的情景喜劇,講述了一群熱愛玩樂的海豹的日常生活。由Million Volt動畫工作室和Pinkfong公司聯合製作,《海豹看看》以無言的形式呈現,使來自世界各地的觀眾都能透過每個角色的面部表情和手勢輕鬆享受故事。劇中有30種不同的海豹,包括海豹寶寶、點點海豹和小柴海豹,每個都擁有獨特的特點和故事!


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