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As someone who loves being surrounded by all things whimsical, nostalgic, and comforting, CHAMJAM was created with the idea of bringing the simple joys into everyone’s daily life. I hope my art remind people of the magic that can happen anytime, anywhere, we just have to use a touch of imagination and daydream a little, anything can happen once we allow it.


I’m Cham, the artist behind CHAMJAM. I’m inspired by my everyday life like when I go for a walk, visit the grocery store, catch the sunset. With all that I’ve absorbed, I turn these visions into my little world filled with characters and magic. Products are designed by me, like art prints that can be hanged in your safe spaces, cute mouse pads that you can use on your desk, to sticker book album that reignites your childhood memories. Come expand your reality with CHAMJAM 🙂